"Consistency is the foundation of virtue" - sir Francis Bacon 

Our combined legal support and advocacy services ensure that a consistent approach is taken from initial grievance through to dispute resolution Court & Tribunal representation.  


Civil litigation is the process of dispute resolution between members of a community through the court system.   Civil law grants, to individuals, the right to sue for compensation or for specific action in matters such as breach of contract, defamation and negligence.  


Land and Employment Tribunals are convened to hear legal disputes between one party and another. There are a range of issues which can be settled within a land or employment tribunal; please follow the link below and see how we can support.    


Magistrates and Coroner's Courts have different rules to Civil Courts and Tribunals.  We can provide advice, support and representation to clients as we understand those rules. 




Patricia White Lawyers & Advocates Ltd (PW-LA) is a specialist dispute resolution law firm with a base in Central London and the historical city of York.  


We specialise in Civil & Employment Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Advocacy services within Courts &  Tribunals, Coroner's Courts and Magistrates' Courts. 

We take proofs of evidence for use in Court and Tribunals.  We undertake general conduct of our clients' affairs, conduct litigation and correspond with other parties which guarantees a consistent approach and a familiar face  from start to finish. As well as general conduct of litigation we use our advocacy skills, knowledge and experience to represent you in negotiations, preliminary hearings and at final Trial.


It is important to us that our clients receive the best representation at every stage and we have the track record to achieve your desired outcomes.



“ Very thorough and straight to the point to achieve the desired outcome” – SA

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PW-LA is a trading name of Patricia White Lawyers & Advocates Ltd Company Registered in England and Wales No. 8196385. Patricia White is the sole director.

Patricia White Lawyers & Advocates Ltd is authorised by Cilex Regulation for Litigation and Advocacy. Authorisation No. 2163508.

The Registered office is Tower House Business Centre, Fishergate, York, YO10 4UA. 

ALSO at 20 - 22 Wenlock Road, LONDON, N1  7GU 
VAT Registration Number: 308 0625 27